What is LockSport ?


LockSport is a recreation based around lock picking and physical security.

In LockSport you can learn a variety of skills including lock picking, lock bumping, and other skills traditionally known only to locksmiths and other security professionals. Together we share knowledge, exchange ideas and skills

Is LockSport a crime ?

Lock picking is often viewed as a nefarious skill and so we have a strong standard of ethics.

        You may only pick locks that you own, or those to which you’ve been given express permission to pick by the rightful owner.

It is a misconception that lock picking is used for crime, there are faster and easer way to open a door. LockSport is not about opening a door, it is about understand the inner workings of the lock and opening the lock.

Where do I get tools?

Most people but online, some make their own tools.

We have a whole page about tools here.